We are socially fragmented.

Memory, knowledge, lives, even identities. Everything is dispersed (another argument supporting the non-local consciousness theory).

The aim of this epistolary work is to know a bit better what I am now thorugh the compilation of pieces of what I have been. I have been told in the past that there was wisdom in the texts I wrote, and I am sure that there is wisdom in the texts I received. I hope you find something that makes your life more meaningful and satisfactory. I hope you find a bunch of human beings that, like you, have suffered and have enjoyed moments of their lives. A bunch of human beings that, after all, have lived.

A bit of context

In September 2013, I moved to Leuven (Belgium) to study my fourth and last year of Bachelor in Psychology. Many people warned me about the dangers of getting lost in the wild parties of the city, and how much a year as Erasmus student could teach me about the world. However, no one warned me about the perils I would encounter, or about how one given evening could actually change my whole life, being, and spirit…