This is a short, straight to the point guide with life advice. I have collected some of my favourite practices, routines and exercises to keep me fully alive and functioning. I don’t dwell much in any of the topics, since there are tons of wonderfull sources around the Internet. Therefore, the goal is to give you some ideas, and spark your mind. We are living in 2020, and this is an interactive world: I am a Sapiens in front of a screen and you are a Sapiens in front of a screen. Contact me if you have suggestions, improvements, or if you want resources about a specific habit. The guide is updated periodically with the new practices and habits that I find useful or worthwhile trying.

About the content

Because of how much I like to write, I oftenly spend too much time seated at my desk. Thus, if you have an occupation that requires you to stay seated for long periods of time, you will find a lot of value in the first part of the guide Workflow, where I give advice about desk jobs.

If you workplace is shared with fellow sapiens, the second part Be social will give you some extra tips about how to reach and connect with the colleges around your work.

In Take Breaks, you can find my personal improved techniques for sustaining high levels of energy and focus throughout the day.

And finally, the best part Boost your life, which I have divided in:

  • Brain caring

  • Body caring

  • Dietary caring

  • Soul caring

In this last section you will find a lot of attitudes, mindsets, lifestyles, daily practices, and radical changes, that have completely transformed my life from an unfulfilled Ph.D. student to a flourishing full-time artist and spiritual psychologist with a non-Ph.D. qualification.

Breathe in deeply, zoom in, and surrender to the power of nature.

Figure 1: Breathe in deeply, zoom in, and surrender to the power of nature.

Enjoy the trip, fellow monkeys!!

If you don’t know me…

If this is the first time you find out about me, I am Carlos Alcala a.k.a. Carlito Fluito. I like sharing my ideas and experiences through writing, performing, sporadic YouTube videos, and spontaneous Instagram posts.

Picture taking with a [Fairphone]( If you are a modern sapiens that cares about this planet and the species on it, check it out. (Morality-based promotion. No personal earnings).

Figure 2: Picture taking with a Fairphone. If you are a modern sapiens that cares about this planet and the species on it, check it out. (Morality-based promotion. No personal earnings).

Reactions to my content varies from 🤨 to 😲.

If you find value in anything I do, and you want to help me grow, I will be extremely grateful for yoru support by sharing my content in your social network and leaving some love in my social media. It boost my motivation to receive support and comments from my audience. Don’t hesitate it. Drop me a message. Go ahead!

I also work as an online psychological counselor. My range is wide: from a supportive ear for those struggling with their self-destructive thoughts, behaviors, and emotions; to a motivational and structured push to step up your life, become the best version of yourself, and live aligned to your highest potential. Send me an email at or contact me through social media. First 15 minutes session is completely free of charge and without any compromise. Once there, we would decide the best way to move forward.

Lastly, to all my philanthropists out there, I have a profile on Patreon. There, you can donate any amount that you want. I infinitely thank anything from a one-time 1€ donation, to a monthly 10.000€ salary. You have my solid promise that I will invest it and spend it as morally as possible.

With gratitude and love,

Carlito Fluito

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Thanks for helping me grow.

  1. I am a big fan of dark themes.